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The European Society for Vascular Surgery ESVS Masterclass LIVE provides a webcast and face to face educative format on state of the art of current invasive vascular therapies. Each Masterclass focuses on a certain vascular territory, starting in 2019 with supraaortic vessels. Each year a different vascular territory will be covered, including the arterial and the venous side.

The sessions within an ESVS Masterclass LIVE focus on specific subtopics within the main topic of the Masterclass.
Each subtopic can be introduced by a lecture on “State of the Art”!

The ESVS mastercl@ss manual | Video material | Text

The essentials out of every Masterclass video will be postprocessed and form a chapter of a web-based ESVS Manual on invasive therapy strategies in Vascular Surgery.

Each Session provides a subchapter in this Manual. All video material will be underlied by accompanied texts. This educational format will be placed on the ESVS e-learning Platform, in order to create an ESVS educational library.

Each mastercl@ss is lead by a Chairman. He also serves as the editor of the ESVS Manual Chapter.

The overall Organization of the Masterclasses is within the hands of the Meeting Chairman, the Local Organising Committee and the ESVS Academy. All Chapters / Editions of the ESVS Masterclass LIVE are decided within this gremium.

All Masterclass editions need to be passed by Executive Committee of the ESVS.

On Stage Organization (Local Organising Committee) and postprocessing of videos / educational material:

Provided by the Hamburg Group (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany) for the first years until the format is fully implemented. The LOC Team, together with the ESVS Committee on Industry Relations and the PCO are responsible for the funding.

Revenue will be used for postprocessing. In the case of additional revenue, this is in the ownership of ESVS.